Noël is a compilation of Christmas performances, recorded live at the Cathedral of the Madeleine.  2007, Cherbourne Music

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Review: Edward Reichel, Deseret News

Ralph B. Woodward and his Salt Lake Children’s Choir have finally released another CD. “Noel” is their third album and their second Christmas CD. And it’s long overdue.

The children sound like angels on this recording. It’s amazing what Woodward does with these kids to get them to sound so good. There is a professional quality to their performances that is stunning. And Woodward is an amazing arranger. He knows how to bring out the best in his choir. Most of the pieces on the album are his own arrangements, and they are absolutely delightful.

For the first time, Woodward has decided to use live performances for this album, and the sequence of works and overall atmosphere reflect the character of an actual concert. All of the pieces were recorded in Salt Lake City’s Cathedral of the Madeleine from 1998 to 2006, so they represent quite a large number of children.

All of the 31 tracks are wonderful. From Palestrina to traditional European carols to contemporary songs, this album represents the best spirit of Christmas. Once you have listened to it, you will find yourself hooked. You’ll hit the repeat button on your CD player repeatedly.

“Noel” is a real winner among Christmas albums.

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